Tenancy Management Service

Tenancy Management serviceReFoX Tenancy Management program helps employees deal with any property-related issues that may arise during their tenancy. The program lowers risk to the client and risk and stress to the employee by ensuring that the property is being effectively managed in line with legal tenancy obligations.

Services can include representing the tenant to the landlord, coordination of maintenance, coordination of emergency repairs, coordination of expense reimbursements, management of lease renewals and coordination of property inspections.


Tenancy management assistance takes away the stress and administration involved in dealing with property related issues, allowing the employee to focus on their work. It also prevents this becoming an administrative burden for the client. Thus, it makes the relocation to Beijing an easier process.
Our expertise in this area means that issues are dealt with smoothly and effectively – our team are experienced at managing properties and dealing with managing agents and landlords.

Service Specifications – the service can include:

  • Tenancy Management – Act as point of contact between the tenant and landlord, ongoing telephone support, including quarterly contact with the employee to make sure that they are happy and are not experiencing any issues at their property, coordination of workers and other contractors requiring access to the property and point of contact for any issues with the property.
  • Lease Tracking and Renewals – Tracking of lease end dates, renewals and terminations.

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