Settling-in Services

Settling-in ServicesReFoX Settling-in program helps the employee and their family to settle at their new home after their relocation to Beijing, helping them live in their new home independently and with confidence.

Settling-in Services can include a broad range of services including: Accompanied area orientation, airport “meet and greet” services, connection of utilities, opening bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, arranging insurance, sim cards, local community information and introduction to network groups etc. Please contact us about your requirements and we will tailor a program for you.


Relocating from one place to another is a big cultural change that needs adjustment, involving a range of administrative tasks and sometimes difficult decisions – many of which are not easily anticipated prior to the move. This can leave the employee and their family preoccupied with arranging the necessities of everyday life, and attempting to deal with service providers in an unfamiliar environment. The stress this causes means employees take longer to settle in and cannot focus on their job.

Refox offers a point of advice and support for an agreed period of time, ensuring that the employee and their family have all the information they need to settle-in properly.

Service Specifications – the Settling-in Services can include:

  • Office Support – Needs analysis with the employee, provide telephone support throughout the process to ensure it runs smoothly
  • Needs Analysis – Initial contact to introduce our services, establish the family’s requirements and address any queries, provide general information about the new surroundings, overview of English speaking doctors and emergency numbers, information about the registration process with the home country consulate, explain country specific particularities (e.g. banking system, money transfers, emergency services, insurances) and manage any unrealistic expectations
  • Welcome Pack – Provision of welcome pack, including:
    • Useful websites and telephone numbers;
    • Medical information (doctors, dentists, hospitals and specialists);
    • Babysitting services;
    • Entertainment and what’s on around town;
    • Transport;
    • Maid services and handymen services;
    • TV and cable providers;
    • Setting up a mobile phone account.
  • Telephone Support – Provide telephone support for 1, 3 or 6 months, address all questions from the employee
  • Accompanied Day – Accompany the employee and family on an orientation of the new location according to the employee’s needs. The tours can include an overview of the transportation system, local shops, banks, and amenities such as clubs, recreation, and shopping. Registrations and setting up bank accounts can also be included
  • Accompanied Visit to Bank – Assist with choosing a financial institution, assist with setting up accounts and debit cards and provide information and explain procedures regarding telephone and internet banking, cash machines/ATMs, international bank transfers and fees
  • Provide Assistance with Drivers License – Provide the required forms, explain the process and procedure, source a reputable driving school if required, assist in submitting applications etc.
  • Police registration
  • Connection of Utilities – Advise the employee of the different providers available, provide information on the types of services available and the provider’s contact information, apply for the service on behalf of the employee when possible and keep records of account numbers to help with closeout (when or if required)
  • Setting up of Media Services – Advise the employee of the different providers available, explain the local phone system, provide information on the types of services available and the providers’ contact information, apply for the service on behalf of the employee when possible and keep records of account numbers to help with closeout (when or if required)
  • Airport Pick up / Drop off – One way pick up or drop off at the airport



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