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Departure ServicesReFoX Departure Services program assists employees with the administrative processes involved in closing down their home. This service can include terminating the lease, recovering the security deposit and de-registering with service providers and authorities.


Moving house is a time consuming process, involving a multitude of administrative tasks. With ReFoX managing the entire process, we can ensure that everything runs smoothly, nothing is forgotten and the employee can focus on their return home.

The termination of a lease is also a time where companies can find themselves with additional financial liabilities. These can include damage claim payments and loss of deposit. Our detailed inventory checks ensure that employees and clients are not liable for erroneous claims and that the employee retains as much of his deposit as possible.

Service Specifications – the service can include:

  • Office Support – Prepare the departure timeline, liaise with suppliers and provide telephone support throughout the process to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Initial contact – Introduce our service, establish the family’s requirements and reply to any queries, explain the departure process and services cancellation and manage any unrealistic expectations
  • Terminate Lease – Review and advise on lease termination obligations, update the client and employee on the process and cost implications, serve notice to the landlord,  liaise with the tenant and landlord and provide the employee with departure details and processes for the closing down of utilities, etc
  • Coordination of 3rd Party Services – Assist with the booking of third party services to minimize damage costs (painters, gardeners, carpenters, etc).
  • Check Out Inspection – Arrange the pre-checkout and Check out, prepare the check out report, arrange professional cleaning, if required, take the final meter readings and compare the check in and check-out reports to maximize return of the deposit.
  • Deposit Return – Negotiate the best possible solution to any damage claim made by the landlord and arrange the return of the deposit, as well as any overpaid rent if applicable
  • Disconnection of Utilities, TV, broadband, bank account – Contact utility providers to close the accounts if any, and negotiate the best possible solution to any contract terminations (i.e. minimizing cancellation charges)
  • De-registrations – Help with de-registrations with local authorities etc.


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