Tree Planting – November 1st, 2014

ReFoX Tree Planting 2014

Now established as a key element for ReFoX’s commitment to environment, our second Tree Planting was held Saturday November 1st. We headed to Huairou for this autumn edition of ReFoX Goes Green. As all good things come in three: on this final day we were lucky with the weather and traffic was easy on us. Upon arrival to the forest, some started chatting nearby the tree planting spot, while the families set out to explore the farm animals nearby. After a brief introduction on how to plant the trees and everybody started to get busy. Although the weather was a bit chilly, the forest was lit up by midday sunlight and, as we started bustling about the trees, we all warmed up. Each one planted his tree at its own pace, adults helping younger children, who had a lot fun playing in the mud. Our special guests, three beautiful dogs, also kept the children entertained. After effort comes comfort! ReFoX invited its guests for a delicious BBQ prepared on the spot by our team – a last chance for us to thank the participants and share a friendly moment together before returning to Beijing.

With 46 trees planted this year, ReFoX is proud to reaffirm its commitment to eco-action. Again, we thank all our gests for their active participation and support. We hope to be planting an even bigger number of trees in the following years, to contribute on our own scale to environmental protection.

ReFoX Tree Planting



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