ReFoX Goes Green

“Every person is the right person to act. Every moment is the right moment to begin”.

The Time to Act is Now!

Thinking green means being aware of our interconnectedness with the world and reflecting on the damage we cause nature in the daily course of our lives. Thinking green leads to acting green – taking corrective action to make environmental responsibility a reality.

ReFoX is committed to help our environment and following the basic principle of the 3 R’s of environmental protection. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Refox Goes GreenThe Gingko Tree Concept:

The Gingko Tree Project answers the global call for responsible relocation business. We are taking environmental action to contribute on our humble way to reduce our foot print and help Beijing Environment.
Tree planting is easily recognized by consumers as a positive eco-action.

• By absorbing CO2, trees rid the environment of excess pollutants, generate oxygen, raising the bio-diversity index, are providing habitats for many different species and improve quality of life.

• The act of tree planting is extremely positive as a starter for individuals and communities becoming generally aware of the climate change issue.

• Tree planting is an exceptional tool for team building activities, bringing fresh and true meaning to corporate excursion.


Every time we find a new home for a client, a fund organized by the ReFoX team will finance a tree to be planted around Beijing.

Our planet thanks you for your support.

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