ReFoX Career Benefits

At ReFoX Relocation, we are driven by our passion to deliver the best service possible in a rapidly evolving industry. As a result, our tight-knit and multicultural team thrives in a diverse environment and works together in order to maintain the highest standard of service.

Professional Development is a large part of our company culture. We are lead by relocation professionals who will assist and mentor new team members steadily through their ReFoX career. When a team member exhibits exemplary service we implement strategies with an experienced mentor to extend their skills further.

With ReFoX Relocation, we can offer our employees a number of career opportunities and support options. ReFoX Relocation cherishes its multinational and international culture and provides its employees with the following:

Refox CareerGlobal Reach
ReFoX Relocation accommodates many German and English speaking clients. We provide German language classes for our employees to give us the edge we need in a modern, global market

Refox CareerPersonal Development
Mentoring from highly experienced real estate and relocation professionals

Refox CareerProfessional Insight
We uphold the highest ethical and technical standards in our practice

Refox CareerPositive Work Environment
Our office maintains positive, fun and easy going environment to ensure that all outstanding challenges are embraced by the team

Refox CareerEnriching Experience
Rewarding work, which impacts clients on a personal level


ReFoX Relocation is built on challenging foundations where individuals are encouraged to broaden their horizons and reap the rewards when they do so. As a global company founded on important German and Chinese work principals, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. If this sounds like an environment where you can grow with us, we’d love to look over your resume and welcome you to the ReFoX family. Feel free to check our current Job Listings.

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