Short-term Accommodation

Short-term accomodation

ReFoX Short-term Accommodation program consists of the booking of temporary accommodation in serviced apartments or hotels for the employee and his family. This service can also be used for those on short-term assignments, for employees waiting for their long term house to become available etc.
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This service is mainly meant to have employees living as comfortable as possible while waiting for their long term housing to become available or for employees on short term assignments. It is more cost effective than hotels while at the same time they provide a more homey feeling that helps the employees to settle in faster.

Service Specifications – the Short-term Accommodation service can include:

  • Needs Analysis – Initial contact to introduce the service, establish the family’s requirements and answer any questions they might have, explain the local temporary accommodation market, send the needs analysis form and set up the right expectations
  • Option 1: Accommodation Research & Booking – Screen available accommodation options (hotels, serviced accommodation), send different options based on the client’s requirement, availability and budget, book the  preferred property and send the booking details, address of the property and arrange for the check-in procedures.
  • Option 2: Accompanied Visit – Further to the services mentioned above; accompany the client to visits the 3 or 4 shortlisted properties, review and negotiate the rental contract on the client’s behalf and perform the check-In. We would also negotiate long term favorable rates for the client.



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