Beijing School Search Service

Beijing School Search ServiceThe purpose of the Beijing School Search Service is to ensure the employee and spouse understand the different schooling options in their host location and to help them find the most suitable school for their children.

We start the process with a thorough needs analysis to make sure that we understand the family’s needs, education system preferred etc. Setting up the right expectations is also an important part of this process. We can advise on the international schools or the local schools, including the most suitable options for their budget and chosen location. Once a school has been selected, we can advise on and assist with the registration process.


Children’s education is often a key concern for employees when they relocate. These concerns are often exacerbated by the excessive bureaucracy and unfamiliar regulations they encounter. Often, employees with children find their search for a school delays their search for a home, because one decision fundamentally impacts the other.

Providing this service to the relocating family ensures that your employees can make informed decisions about their children’s education. A well informed parent is in a position to make prompt decisions, maximizing their chances of enrolling their children successfully.

Service Specifications – the service can include:

  • Education Introduction – Conduct a needs assessment with the family, discuss education options in the new location and differences between the home and host countries, provide information on schools, and the application processes, in the desired area and provide advice on alternative options, including special needs schools if appropriate and available
  • Setting Up School Visits – Research and source suitable schools within the preferred areas and set up appointments for an agreed date
  • Accompanied School Visits – Arrange, prepare and plan visits, prepare parents for visits and accompany visits to schools
  • Assistance with Registration – Guide families through the application process, follow up with schools during waiting list period, provide alternative suggestions to parents while on waitlist and telephone / email support during program
  • Note: Visits are only available with the permission and at the discretion of the individual schools.


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