CBD Area

This is where Beijing’s business, media and financial “heart” beats. Short for Central Business District (Zhōngyāng Shāngwù Qū 中央商务区), CBD boasts cutting-edge architecture and a continuous stream of new developments. Being home to many executives living and working in Beijing, you will find that 60% of all overseas-funded companies in Beijing have set up their [...]

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Chang'An Area

Chang’An Avenue (长安街Cháng'ān jiē) or literally the long peace avenue is anything but peaceful. Located around the Wangfujing subway station of line 1, this lively area is one of the must-see spots for any Beijing newcomers, Chinese and foreign alike. Impossible to miss this bustling street is full of people at any time of day [...]

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Chaoyang Park Area

Chaoyang Park (Chāoyáng Gōngyuán 朝阳公园) is the largest open green space in Beijing with almost 300 hektars of sprawling grass lands and lakes. Built in 1984 on the area of the Prince’s Palace, the park is now open to the public. The surrounding developments are very popular with the expat community; some even offer spectacular [...]

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Dongzhimen Area

Dongzhimen (Dōngzhímén) literally means East Gate, as the East Gate of the City Wall surrounding old Beijing was located here. With its close proximity to the old part of town (Hutongs) as well as CBD and Sanlitun, it is a very popular residential area for expats. The Airport Express starts at Dongzhimen Subway Station, offering [...]

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Dulwich Area

Dulwich Area refers to the surroundings of the prestigious Dulwich College in the northeastern Beijing district, Shunyi. With several gated compounds that consist only of lavish multi-bedroom villas, this area of Beijing is all about family homes, featuring space, calm and convenience for raising children. The broad boulevards and gated villa compounds of Dulwich area [...]

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Historical Center

The historical center is an amazing tangle of centuries-old sinuous alleys, also known as hutongs. With their narrow streets, small restaurants as well as low houses built around courtyards, the hutongs are part of the unique charm of Beijing. The historical lanes surround the Forbidden City and extend up to the Houhai Lake. The hutongs [...]

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ISB Area

The area around the International School of Beijing (or ISB) boasts various villa compounds nearby. Located in the outskirts of Shunyi district this area offers a quiet retreat with an almost entirely expat atmosphere for a smooth transition into Beijing. The location of the ISB area, though somewhat inconvenient for someone working in downtown Beijing [...]

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Lido Area

Lido (Lì Dōu 丽都) is an area in the northeastern part of the city, a popular destination for Westerners in Beijing. Many international companies have set up their offices in the area, making it very convenient to get to work. Hard to say if the foreigners came first or the shops, but the bottom line [...]

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Lufthansa Area

The area around the Lufthansa Center spans west of Liangmaqiao subway station and east to the northern gate of Chaoyang Park. This area is very popular with the expat community due to its luxurious compounds, comfortable proximity to business centers and international schools and the gorgeous views one can experience from the higher floors of [...]

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Sanlitun Area

Originally established as an embassy area in the late 1950s, the name Sanlitun (Sānlǐtún 三里屯) refers to the distance to Dongzhimen (“three li”, one li = 0,5km). Nowadays it’s a synonym for entertainment in Beijing: boasting shops, restaurants and bars. With Sanlitun Taikooli, a shopping center comprised of 19 buildings, you will find an abundance [...]

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Sanyuanqiao Area

Sanyuanqiao (三元桥Sānyuánqiáo) – refers to the third ring road bridge, it is an area in the northeastern part of Beijing. The Sanyuanqiao is best described as the area bordered by the Bahe River on the west and Xiaoyun Lu on the east, with the Sanyuanqiao subway station at the center, which is a stop for [...]

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WAB Area

Western Academy Beijing (short WAB) is one of Beijing’s finest in international education. No wonder the compounds bordering this renowned school are quite popular with the expat community. What makes this area so desirable is the relatively short commute to downtown area, but still having all the perks of suburb living: a rather quiet environment, [...]

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