Top 4 Beijing Dog Parks To Take Your Pooch

August 18, 2015
Mar Diez
Beijing Dog in Gras

Living with a dog is amazing. Its a great experience. But for your dog, living in Beijing might be difficult at times, because she doesn’t always have the chances to run around and enjoy nature. But where to go? All major sightseeing spots and parks prohibit dogs from entering. We set out to explore some options, so check out our top 4 of Beijing Dog Parks!


1) Dongba Countryside Park 东坝郊野公园


Dog Park Dongba Beijing


Outside 5th Ring Road, 8km east of Chaoyang Park // click for directions

In this extensive countryside park you will find fields of grass, several water areas and ponds as well as some forest. There are snakes in the pond, so its advised to to keep your pooch out of the water. The Dongba Park is linked to a park-like graveyard in the south, so beware of the offerings (at least my dog immediately assumed someone left this food for him).

Total area: 200 hectare


2) Beijing Pear Garden 京城梨园


Dog Pear Garden Beijing


Outside 5th Ring Road, 6km east of Chaoyang Park // click for directions

Just. So. Lush. The sound of cicadas fills the air in Beijing Pear Garden, completely tuning out the cars and any other noise. It feels very detached from being in a multimillion people city. Relax while wandering the winding paths of the park and enjoy watching your dog, getting a kick out of running around. There are ‘no dog signs’ at the gates, but the guard assured me that it is ok to bring dogs inside the park. I tried different gates with the same results.

Total area: 62 hectare


3) Dongfeng Park 东风公园


Beijing Dog Dongfeng Park


Inside 5th Ring Road, close to Dongfeng Art District, 4km east of Chaoyang Park // click for directions

This park is rather close to 798 and you will find loads of green space to run, play, and splash. So indulge in your getaway and bring some picnic to feast on in one of the pavilions, while your dog can play around. A popular destination for wedding photography, you will find some windmills, Danish cottages and baroque ruins scattered around the park.

Total area: 80 hectare


4) Taiyanggong Sports and Leisure Park 太阳宫体育休闲公园


Beijing Dog Taiyanggong Sports Park


Inside 4th Ring Road, 4km north-west of Chaoyang Park // click for directions

A sports park – as the name announces – it still offers enough green area for your pooch to roam free. It is a fairly nice park and the most “downtown” option you will find. You still hear the cars from the nearby main street, but overall a nice option. In different landskaping areas you can find a roses garden, a pond and some sunny or shady spots.

Total area: 30 hectare

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