Fake Didi Drivers?!

March 16, 2018
Angelina Lee

Didi truly makes our life much more convenient but recently a lot of people in Shanghai complained that the cars to pick them up are not the same from what it shown on the app.









From the complaint, these fake Didi drivers usually showed up at the airport, train station and the surburb area. The reporter from Legal Daily tried few time to call a pick up from Pudong Airport by Didi App, soon a driver accepted the request. The reporter called the contact phone number, however, no one answered. Few minutes later, a strange number called and claimed to be the driver and asked the reporter to wait at a certain place.

The car plate was shown not from Shanghai but other province. The reporter refuse to get in and cancelled the reuest and tried to call another car from the app again. He tried 4 times and it happened the same. All of the drivers are driving the cars with other provinces’ car plate. The whole process are done by Didi App but it didn’t matter at all.




A fake Didi driver said that, this situation is very normal at night and you will get lucky if get a car from Shanghai. Speaking of why this is happening, in Shanghai, the city hall required that only Shanghainese driver with Shanghai car plate to run Didi. They have no choice and they only drive at night which the law enforcement is loose.

And doesn’t Didi do anything to solve this problem? The fake driver said that they paid 400 RMB to the scalper and it’s done but how they did it, they have no idea. The drivers even have a group to inform others which area that the police is checking. Mostly they don’t accept the request to drive to downtown, they said it’s “safe” in the surburb.




From the app, the car plate shown “沪 (Hu)” which means the car is from Shanghai but most of the time the cars arrive with the plate in “苏 (Su)” “陕 (Shan)” which are from Suzhou and Shanxi. And when they got asking why the car is different, all the answers were ” have car accident few days ago, this is the tempory car”




This haven’t happened in Beijing yet, but however, the Beijing city hall also require that only “Beijinger” and with Beijing car plate is allow to run private car on Didi app. Maybe this “business” will happen in Beijing soon, and all we can do is to decide take the car or not.


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