China to Abolish Domestic Data Roaming Charges in 2018

March 9, 2018
Angelina Lee
domestic long-distance and roaming charges

Mobile phone users have complained over the current two charging modes of data packages, namely local data package and nationwide data package. To address the problem, there will be other measures to lower the fees while accelerating the speed, besides the cancellation of domestic data roaming charges.


domestic long-distance and roaming charges


China will also cut the charges for mobile data per month.

Both measures will contribute to an over 30-percent decrease in the rates for mobile Internet services compared to last year.

The country will continue to bring down Internet rates for home and corporate broadband.

China ranks the world’s first in the number of subscribers to optical broadband and mobile broadband. Over the past three years, broadband users in China have enjoyed a 90 percent decrease in rates, and mobile users a 38.5 percent decrease. 


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