Owning A Dog In Beijing

September 16, 2015
Mar Diez
Dog in Beijing Puppy

If you are thinking to add a member to the family, or to move with your pet to Beijing, there are a few things to consider. We have compiled a guide to cover some of the more common questions.


Who is in? Who is out? Legal Stuff


Every dog in Beijing needs to be annually vaccinated and obtain a dog license. Click here to get more info on how to register your dog. Beijing has a law regarding the size of your pup: Inside 5th Ring Road only dogs with a size of 35cm (paw to shoulder) are allowed. If your dog is a mixed breed, you might be able to register her, it mainly depends on the police officers whether or not to grant a license. However if you have a certain breed like Labrador, Golden Retriever, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, etc. it will be impossible to get a license for your four-legged-friend inside 5th Ring Road. You might want to consider to move to a compound outside 5th Ring Road, where these breeds are officially allowed, as this will also give you more possibilities to walk your dog. If you are considering to move, let us help you find a new home. Contact us at

There is no microchip or tattoo required. However the license and vaccinations are checked regulartly. All dogs are required to receive an annual rabies shot. If you get the shot in Beijing, you receive a small tag and your dogs’ data will be entered into a national data base. It is advised to keep the tag on your dogs’ collar, as this makes it clear to the police that your dog has been properly vaccinated. In case your dog gets lost, this might be helpful. We would suggest you get an additional name tag with your contact details and your dog license no. engraved, as again, this does improve your chance to be reunited with your dog, in case she gets lost.


Hitting the Town


Beijing dogs eating


Restaurants usually don’t allow dogs. However, as the lovely summer season turns many of the sidewalks into outside seating areas – many places do allow you to bring your dog along. If you are willing to try (and deal with the situation if you fail), you can check with your favorite places, if they allow your dog to join. I have found a few places that accept me to bring my (mainly calm) dog. But of course this will depend on the people working there. I even found a small market where the owner not only lets me bring my dog, but actually watches him, while I browse for my groceries. This is however a massive exception. Generally speaking any park, sightseeing spot, museum, hotel, restaurant, café, shop, supermarket, post office, bank etc. prohibits dogs to enter. I tend to sometimes just ignore the signs, because: well, I didn’t see them – and try how far I can get. Some shops allow you to enter as long as you carry your dog. With 15 kg my pup is quite heavy to carry further than a few meters. But if yours is more light weighted, this might be an option for you.

Going from A to B can be troublesome – unless you walk there – as subway, buses, and taxi do not allow dogs, unless they are guide dogs. For a taxi, if your dog fits in a carrier bag, it is usually ok (most drivers won’t even realize there is a dog on board). If you consider travelling within the country, be ready to prepare yourself. You will need to bring your dogs license and vaccination papers along. If you are going by train, you need to arrive at the station early to drop your dog off at a special section, as dogs are not allowed to travel with you in the passenger wagons, but need to travel as cargo.


A Walk in the Park


Beijing Dog in Gras


To be perfectly honest: most likely it’s not a walk in the park in Beijing, as the majority of parks do not allow dogs. Downtown is a concrete jungle, but many compounds offer some greenery and especially the embassy areas are all lined with trees. Regular parks do not allow dogs, however there are a few dog friendly options.

But of course there are exceptions, and we covered some in our feature on Dog Parks in Beijing. For the downtown options, you may also want to try:

Beijing Dog Park Workers GymnasiumDog Park next to Workers Gymnasium
It is literally a fenced large garden, but it has lawn and trees and bushes and allows your dog to roam freely and play with other dog friends. It is perfect for your dog to socialize.

Oakwood/Moma Green Strip
It’s more of an extended green strip then an actual park, but popular with nearby dog owners.


In Sickness and in Health


Beijing Pug


Everyone wishes for a healthy dog and of course we hope your dog is well. But if you need to see a vet, there are many options all over town. The best english service can be found at the international clinics like Beck & Stone (several locations) and ICVS. But many of the local pet hospitals also have english speaking doctors. See a listing of Beijing veterinarians below:

Beck & Stone  思威北京国际动物医院有限公司
several locations in town

Shunyi Euro Plaza 欧陆广场
Euro Plaza, n. 99 Yu Xiang Road, Tianzhu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing
Tel. 8046 2886, 135 0103 0572 (emergencies)

The Place and Central Park 世贸天街新城国际
Shop 0153, Tower B, Chaowai Soho, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie,
Chaoyang District, Beijing
Daily 9am-7pm
Tel. 5869 6401, 400 103 8686 (for appointments and emergencies)

ICVS International Centre for Veterinary Service 北京新天地国际动物医院
13-16 Rong Ke Gan Lan Cheng Shang Jie, Fu Tong Xi Da Jie, Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel. 8456 1939

Aikang Veterinary Hospital 爱康动物医院
45 Tianshuiyuan Dongli,Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel. 6501 8605

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