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Top 5 Shopping Areas in Beijing You Need to Explore

August 12, 2015 • Explore, Lifestyle

Shopping away from your home country may be difficult; always looking for your favorite brand, dish, and even similar entertainment options. But just as in any mega city, almost everything is available; you just need to know where to go. Here are the top 5 shopping areas in Beijing you need to explore if you […]

Yan Shan

Day Trip Series #1 Explore the Stunning Yanshan Via Ferrata

August 12, 2015 • Explore

Yanshan Mountain (燕山飞拉达), which is located 1.5 hours north of Beijing, deserves a visit for its fresh air and tranquility. It is an ideal place to take part in a via ferrata tour (translated as ‘iron road’ in Italian). Via ferrata refers to a specific kind of rock climbing. It consists in a series of […]

Happy Valley Beijing

Kid Adventure #1 – Happy Valley Amusement Park

August 12, 2015 • Explore, Kids

Over 40 exciting rides a massive IMAX theater and a shopping complex and you’ll be left wondering just what else Happy Valley Amusement Park has up its sleeve. This fully featured amusement park sits in the Chaoyang district, just below the CBD and Sanlitun areas, and it is the perfect destination for a truly thrilling […]

reasons to choose a serviced apartment

5 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment

August 12, 2015 • Expat Tips

If Serviced Apartments are becoming more and more popular among expatriates and business travelers in Beijing, there must be a reason! Here at ReFoX Relocation we give you not one, but 5 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment for your stay in Beijing and we will gladly offer all our support to arrange your home […]

Beijing Police Registration Beijing

How To – Get Your Beijing Police Registration

August 12, 2015 • Expat Tips

It is mandadory for every foreigner to apply for Beijing police registration within 24 hours of arrival. If you are staying at a hotel or a serviced apartment, the reception will take care about this for you. Just hand them your passport and receive a form of temporary residence. If you live in a house […]

Image Property of ReFoX

House Hunting in Beijing – 5 Common Mistakes

August 12, 2015 • Expat Tips

Beijing‘s real estate market is a hectic reality, especially for foreigners who arrive here without a clear idea of how different can it be from what they expect. So we prepared a few tips to make your house-hunting adventure a bit less troublesome! Here are 5 common mistakes you should try to avoid if you want […]

Image Property of ReFoX

5 Reasons to Live in Shunyi

August 12, 2015 • Expat Tips

Who said that there is no life outside downtown Chaoyang? The Shunyi District, north east of Beijing, is turning into a greenestand fanciest suburb area of Beijing as more and more families decide to move there to escape the hectic frenzy of the city. So here you go with 5 great reasons to live in […]

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