Woodstock of Eating

Release your inner hipster with Woodstock of eating Beijing

April 13, 2017 • Explore, Food, General

Beijing pop-up carnival the “Woodstock of Eating” is debuting in Beijing for the very first time! Top street food brands, talented handicrafts makers, creative designers and ambitious creators will all gather together at 751D Park in 798 Art Zone. 200 premiere brands and creatives from Beijing and Shanghai will unite and bring you the most unforgettable visual, audio […]

Tomb Sweeping Day

The Origin of Tomb Sweeping Day

April 1, 2017 • Explore, Food, General

Tomb Sweeping Day is a unique Chinese festival. It is called Qingming Jie (清明节) in Chinese. It is the most important day for people to offer sacrifice to ancestors. It started from the Zhou Dynasty, with a history of over 2500 years. Qingming is firstly, one of the 24 solar terms of Chinese agriculture. When […]

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