🌸🌺Best places to see spring flowers in Beijing🌷🌼

March 24, 2017 • Explore, General

Spring is here, so are the flowers. Beijing is blooming beautiful right now! Put a spring in your step and check out the blossoms in these best spring sweet spots in the city.     Xinhuamen 新华门 Xinhuamen, the “Gate of New China” built by Yuan Shikai, today the formal entrance to the Zhongnanhai compound. […]


Chinese buzzword – Foreigner 歪果仁

March 24, 2017 • General

The meaning of the buzzword wāi guǒ rén 歪果仁 wāi guǒ rén Foreigner / “tilted nut” The term meaning a “tilted nut” is often used by modern Chinese to refer to their foreign friends in a humorous way while chatting online. It is a phonetic similarity of what the Chinese call foreigners wài guó rén, […]


House of Knowledge_Tips For Raising A Multilingual Child

March 24, 2017 • General, Kids

Is it estimated that between 60-70% of the population of the world speaks two or more languages. In a world that is shrinking due to globalization, being multilingual is not only essential but also studies have shown multilingualism to be beneficial to social, cognitive and health aspects of one’s life. Moreover, recent research at Concordia […]

Room escape

Room Escape spots in Beijing

March 14, 2017 • Explore, General

The trend of so-called “room escape” games is sweeping China. In the game, players pay to be locked inside a maze of dark, rooms with only a few clues to help them escape. Players must use a variety of skills to break free before the allotted time runs out (usually is 60 minutes). The challenges […]

British Museum’s exhibition

The British Museum’s ‘A History of The World in 100 Objects’

March 14, 2017 • Explore, General, Kids

This article was originally published on The Beijinger. History and art enthusiasts, brace yourself, because this spring is going to be lively. Maybe many of you already went to the National Museum of China to see the Invention of Louvre, which presented 126 treasures all the way from the Louvre in Paris. If you haven’t yet, you’ve […]


Chinese buzzword – 网红 wăng hóng

March 14, 2017 • General

Chinese buzzword: 网红 wăng hóng “Cyber Star” It’s short for the cyber star in Chinese. Means someone got famous by the way they behaved or the things they said that attracted people’s attention. The most famous are Papi Jiang by posting lots of fun videos that closes to our lives and the other one is […]


Chinese Buzzwords-狗带gŏu dài

March 3, 2017 • General

Does it bother you that sometimes when you chat with your Chinese friends, they might use some Chinese buzzwords that you cannot understand what’s the meaning is behind. Now it won’t be any problem for you because we will explain one to you every week.   狗带gŏu dài “Go die”   It’s the homophonic expression […]

Don’t Fly Your Small Aircraft During Beijing’s ‘Two Meetings’

March 3, 2017 • General

This article was originally published on The Beijinger.   With the approach of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People’s Congress (NPC) this month, the government is issuing regulations and temporary restrictions on some activities, including the flying of small aircraft around Beijing. Beginning Wednesday (Mar 1) and until the conclusion […]

blood drive

Give blood, save lives: BJU Blood Drive Saturday March 4

March 3, 2017 • General

Constant supplies of fresh blood are vital to saving the lives of those in need   On Saturday March 4, Beijing United Family Hospital is hosting a community blood drive from 10am to 3pm, on the 3rd floor, Building 2, at its main hospital on Jiangtai Road. Held in cooperation with the Tongzhou Blood Bank, […]

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