soothe sunburn sun lotion

8 weird ways to soothe a sunburn

July 29, 2016 • Expat Tips, General, Lifestyle

Here we are again, the beautiful season of the year when everyone goes outside without a hat or sunscreen. Especially after the wind swept the rainy clouds and the dark smog far away from Beijing.  The painful consequence: sunburn! It seems so innocent, and yet mere minutes later, you find yourself bright red and looking […]

Reminder Documents Before Leaving Beijing

Reminder before you leave China

July 20, 2016 • Expat Tips, General

Leaving China is not as simple as just getting on a plane and leaving anymore, many things need to be in order before we start to pack our things. You had time to do all the things you wanted so this list is not about things to do or see in China, it is about […]

Best Beijing Rooftop Bars

Best Beijing Rooftop Bars To Try This Summer

July 8, 2016 • Food, General, Lifestyle

It’s summer, and you might have just got back from some fantastic holiday or still dreaming of one, in any case you might need to treat yourself. So what’s better than a delicious drink with a view on the city? Here at ReFoX we created for you a list of the best Beijing rooftop bars, […]

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